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The Story So Far

Hello I’m Norrie, 

I’ve always been passionate about great service. The trouble is, it’s often so hard to find. After all, no-one likes going into a shop and getting ignored, but, it’s even worse when you get badgered by aggressive assistants, desperate to flog the latest ‘special offer’.

All I wanted was a bit of help when I asked for it; from a sales person that was knowledgeable, professional and friendly. And I wanted to be able to get that kind of service without travelling around for hours on end.

That’s when Kristoffersen Carpets was born, in 1993 to be exact.

Starting with one shop in the high street in Portobello, we now have stores in MorningsideCorstorphineNewtongrange and Galashiels. And they’re all run by managers who are just as passionate as I am about making their customers happy.

It must be working as many of our customers come back again and again.


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